This week we got to experience improv with our lovely Kal Doshi!!!
Improv definitely keeps you on your toes, and you may develop some rock hard abs afterwards because everyone is so hilarious!
We started off warming up with games and activities that required us to interact with our fellow actor “inc”ers.
Then we had our usual 3 line scenes with situation suggestions. These ranged from milking a cow to brick laying for Egyptians. Random, but our actors pushed through and made it work!  We got to then work our improv skills into 5 scene changes with 5 people in and out. This was quite the challenge and it had very humorous results.
Improv not only brought out creativity from so many different people, it helped us to increase our comfort and confidence on stage.  What a great skill to improve on in a safe and positive environment. (wink)
Well there you have it, be sure to come to the next one to check it out!
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